Communication is a key skill in any field. Without communication, we would be hard-pressed to drive change in an organization. We need to communicate ideas well to ensure that the people that help us do what we do, can help us do what we do. One of the key functions of any data scientist is to encourage data-driven change to effect some positive collective outcomes (increasing revenues, reducing costs, improving resiliency). If you can’t communicate the work you’ve done in a concise, meaningful, contextualized way,…you may fail in making your work actionable. The right people responsible for driving change won’t…

Recently, many enterprises have adapted Data Management platforms and processes to integrate and curate data across the organization to support business intelligence. However, enterprises often struggle to create and maintain adaptive business intelligence scaled on time to generate actionable insights. The current enterprise platforms lack the flexibility to acquire, engineer, and analyze data and derive meaningful insights to drive customized and distinctive digital data transformation objectives.

To emerge as leaders and outpace their competition, enterprises need to ‘fail fast’ and calibrate their business strategies with new learnings. Most enterprises lack the ability to learn at velocity and scale.

An Enterprise…

Pankhuri Prakash

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